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Geoff Lassers

  • Host and Executive Producer, EMS on AIR Podcast
  • Firefighter/Paramedic/EMS Instructor, West Bloomfield Fire Department
  • EMS System Manager, Oakland County Medical Control Authority
  • Director of Sponsorships, Guardian Education Group

Geoff Lassers began his career as a first responder in 2002. Since then, he has earned a depth of experience as a
professional firefighter, paramedic, EMS instructor, and in the hospital as an ED tech.

In 2020, Geoff was integral with establishing the EMS on AIR Podcast was established in response to the COVID-19
pandemic. Initially, the EMS on AIR Podcast was designed to provide up to date information to the local, state, and
national EMS community regarding the pandemic, as well as expressing best practices. Since then, the EMS on AIR
Podcast has expanded to all topics related to prehospital care.

Since 2004, Geoff has been a professional firefighter/paramedic and EMS instructor with the West Bloomfield Fire
Department (IAFF local 1721). The WBFD is a suburban municipal fire department with approximately 95 FF/paramedics
that respond to approximately 8,000 incidents every year (~80% medical incidents vs. ~20% non-EMS incidents).

Geoff is also the EMS System Manager of the Oakland County Medical Control Authority (OCMCA). In Michigan, the
State EMS office communicates with the various EMS systems, agencies, and providers by way of Medical Control
Authorities (MCAs). The OCMCA is a 501c3 quasi-government agency that acts as the regulatory body that governs all
life support agencies (LSA) that provide EMS in Oakland County, MI. Currently, the OCMCA oversees all aspects of EMS
regulations for its 50 municipal and private EMS agencies and over 3,000 EMS providers.

Geoff is also the Director of Sponsorships for Guardian Education Group, which is company dedicated to providing free
CAPCE accredited continuing education for EMS providers. All EMS on AIR Podcast content that is approved for CEs
can be found at

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